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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 20, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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into the building and t warning the u.s. embassy is issuing. a local community is grieve a local community is grieving a teenager killed in a bank. the charity work he was doing when he was gunned down. complete new england coverage starts right, now this the fox25 morning news. >> 6:00, good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, november 20, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. we have a messy start to the morning. the remainder of the heavy rain is moving through to make for a very lick commute. storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear has the time will end and when we could see some sunshine. >> we will see some sunshine. the rain european and southeastern massachusetts. i want to put on top of that the wind gusts between 20 and 30 miles per hour. not strong enough to do damage.
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scituate to braintree. boston getting kind of moderate rain currently but from boston down to hingham, a pretty good swath of it looking wet to northeastern to manchester, new hampshire. look who is clearing out from milford, new hampshire from. the rain coming to an end. and that's it for the showers today, so this is going to be on its way out through 7 a.m. we have got some of the stronger wind gusts and heavier rain through the boston area and winds down around 10:00 for the cape. by noontime, we will see partly sunny skies developing and into the afternoon temperatures with 50 to 58 degrees. i will time out the cooldown coming up. julie grauert with live drive time traffic. when we have rain, we have delays. >> julie: we have delays and accidents, shiri. two right now that i am following. one on 128 northbound. one lane blocked before winter street in waltham.
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the other two lanes blocked on 128 northbound at route 2 arcs a in lexington. if you were wondering, hmm, seems like a highly traveled area and here is the radar getting soaked. the rain is not helping driving conditions this morning puke moving along fine. here are your live drive times 15 minutes. 21 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 25 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. gunmen have taken 200 peoples who page inside a luxury hotel in west africa. >> the hotel is popular with foreign tourists and right now the united states is telling americans there to seek americans there to seek shelter americans there to seek shelter. daniel miller following the late-breaking details and daniel, the un is reporting that three people have now been killed. >> that's right, sara and gene. we learned that 20 hostages
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have just been freed. cnn reporting that three people have been killed. around 4:00 gunmen stormed the luxury radisson hotel there. let me show where you this is happening in the west african nation of m+ ali. they arrived in a diplomatic vehicle and stormed in firing shots saying god is great in arabic. initially 170 hostages held. hotel guests and a few dozen are hotel staff members. the hotel is home to many foreigners including many americans. they are urging american citizens to stay indoors. witnesses in the area say police have the home surrounded and blocking roads leading in and out of that area. we have also learned within the last 15 minutes the national security advisor has briefed the president on the unfolding situation in mali. no word right now who has taken responsibility for the attacks and following twitter for the latest information. we will keep you updated on this breaking news all morning.
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station news -- fox25 news. we have breaking news at home. a man was found lie a man was found lying in a huge pool of blood near a bus stop in boston. we are live where police spent the early hours investigating the crime scene. good morning, jess. >>reporter: good morning, gene. they were out here at washington and lennox for a couple of hours. this is the bus stop you were talking about on washington street in the south end. this morning we know that police are still searching for a suspect. look at this video. our overnight photographer shot this right around 1:00 this morning as the investigation unfolded here police officers on scene tell our overnight crew that the man was found in a pool of blood, but still a lot of questions about this morning. they have not released his name, and they are not sure how he hurt his head in the first place. he had pretty serious injuries to his head. we are checking in with police, and we will get you more information how he is doing
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this morning and as soon as we have that, we will pass it along. live in boston. nearly a dozen people force nearly a dozen people forced out into the rain because of a fire on in bright because of a fire on in brighton. crews were called to the apartment building and they were able to knock it down quickly. the damage likely close to $5 the damage likely close to $500,000. one fire fighter was treated for minor injuries at the scene and was taken to the hospital for evaluation. everyone else did make it out safely. new this morning, prosecutors in france say the body of a third person was found at the scene of wednesday found at the scene of wednesday's police raid. terror organizers was terror organizers was and his cousin killed. the terrorists planned last friday's attack over the last 11 months. he is possibly for four failed attacks including this summer's incident on a high-speed train that was stopped by three american tourists. the terror cell was in belgium
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and syria. a bill to keep refugees off the u.s. is heading to the senate. requiring directors of homeland security and the fbi to certify that refugees pose no security threat. president obama has threatened to veto the bill. senate democrats say they will brock the measure but new speaker of the house paul ryan says it is necessary for national security national security. the first duty of our government is to keep the american people safe. >> don't worry.won't get passed >> don't worry.won't get passed. >> sara: massachusetts congressman stephen lynch and steven keating were several democrats supported with republicans to support the bill republicans to support the bill. hiring back at the activist group anonymous. earlier this week anonymous took responsibility for removing 5500 twitter accounts linked to islamic state level. isis posted a video online saying they are, quote, the honers of the virtual world. many got back on twitter and
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promised to strike back at anonymous members. shock and disbelief in the town of sharon. a well-known teenager is killed in a terrorist attack in israel in a terrorist attack in israel. the 18-year-old was one five people gunned down in two separate attacks on the west bank. fox25's catherine parrotta live outside the teenager's temple in sharon where people are coming to grips with this devastating news. good morning, catherine. >>reporter: good morning, gene. people are arriving at the young israel fevrp young israel temple in sharon. nobody comment being this. they are reeling after they are receiving this news. this the san joseer that grew up here in -- this is a teenager that grew up here in sharon and attended this temple. he graduated from high school in brookline. just today family and friends acutely feeling this loss. they are absorbing the news about all of this. ezra schwartz is in israel and spending the year between his high school graduation and college. something many jewish americans
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do and the israeli consulate said schwartz was one of five people killed on tuesday. he died when the bus he was in was struck by a palestinian gunman open fired on cars stuck in a traffic jam. one schwartz' friends is still grappling with the loss. >> innocent kids from sharon. he was very close to me. i told them in israel that it is not safe there, but we can't live in fear. >> the person who identified himself as schwartz' cousin that ezra was on his way to donate food to soldiers en he was killed and he is devastated by this. here in the temple, here in sharon and brook line where he attended school up until a few months ago you will hear more from the rabbi and his friends and hear more from the school committee coming up within the hour. live in sharon, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. police in new hampshire
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capture a murder suspect minutes after his picture was we leased to the public. the man was arrested last night. the photo taken moments before 37-year-old michael pitman was month. police say the shooting was not a random act. they are not releasing his name name. police in new hampshire say the mother of a teenager found dead in a mow fell knew her daughter was using heroin for the last two years. last month. her mother and her mother's boyfriend face several charges. police say it was the boyfriend who gave heroin to the teenager on the night she died. nearly six months after her body was found dumped on deer island. the local girl once known as baby doe will be laid to rest. bella bond's body was released by the state medical examiner. spoke with bella's father over the phone. joe amoroso said bella was released into custody and at a funeral home in winthrop.
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thing to do. it's bad enough that i am burying a little baby and she didn't even make to 3 years old didn't even make to 3 years old. >> amoroso tells fox25 he is planning a private service for bella, the mother and boyfriend michael mccarthy are facing charges related to bella's murder. yesterday yesterday berry went before the parole board apologizing for stabbing a saugus woman dozens of times in 1987. berry was 16 years old when he broke into virginia woodward's home and killed her after dozens of years behind bars, berry says he does no the deserve parole yet. >> i think that i would be delusional to think i could get paroled today, but that's what i am working for, and that is my goal to get paroled.
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present when berry was denied parole. retrack weather and traffic he ten minute. i turn the radar on and show that you everywhere is getting soaked. accidents in waltham near the center of the city and braintree. a look at those drive times in a moment. first here is shiri. we have the rain out here and things will seriously lighten up in the next couple of hours. 57 in showers. 7 a.m. 56. and by 8 a.m., we are shedding the showers in favor of sunshine. we will time out the improvements when we come back. the man accused of stealing high-powered weapons from a local army facility is being behind bars this morning. coming up, the breach that police say allowed him to commit that crime and what we have uncovered about his troubled past. but first, portraits of black professors targeted at
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6:14. meteorologist her shiri. pockets of moderate to heavy rain in up to framingham. heavy rain covering southeastern massachusetts and another batch near derry, new hampshire that goes all the way up to the border with maine. updating breaking news from overseas. there is an ongoing hostage situation at luxury hotel in west africa. gunmen stormed a hotel just before 4:00 our time. three people have been killed.
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the hotel in a diplomatic vehicle and stormed in firing shots shouting god is great in arabic. 170 hostages were taken and we learned that 20 hostages have been released. witnesses in the area say police have the hotel surround and blocking roads in and out. we are monitoring the ways and will update with you new details as they come in. a hate crime investigation under way at harvard law school school. covering pourings of black professors hanging in a school building. the dean of harvard law school is calling it, quote, abhor rent. the tape has been removed but one student tells us he is glad this has happened so the school is forced to talk about racism on campus. >> i think the good outweighs the bad that we are having meaningful discourse. >> professor, staff and students met thursday to discuss racism. some students are calling for more diverse legal education and others wants a more diverse
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staff and student population. a federal jury has sided with a pair of concertgoers of their treatment by foxborough police. two people were drunk but were able to care for themselves when police put them into protective custody. it happened at two separate concerts in 2011 and 2012. the court agrees in both instances that they violated the stooing constitutional rights. the globe said one person awarded $4,000. other just $1. situation. good morning, 6:16 is the time and i am already watching several issues on the roads. i turn on the radar so you can see everywhere is getting soaked right now. a good day to leave 15 or 20 minutes early. take a closer look right now on 128 northbound. we have an accident at winter street in waltham. another one at route 2 in lexington. as we shift sort, new accident -- this is not an accident but an overheight truck before the bu bridge on storrow drive eastbound.
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after furnacebrook parkway. speaking of that over-ite truck speaking of that over-ite truck, that's why we are seeing bumper-to-bumper conditions on storrow drive. the live drive times on 128 northbound, 13 minutes from tolls. 31 minutes from the weston tolls to route 1 tolls to route 1, and 45 minutes to do the long haul from west wood up to route 1. fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us now forecasting a warm and wet friday morning; however, it will be gone by 10 a.m. that just means we will be running around running around crazy. >> shiri: until then, yeah. it is right here for the fox25 morning news. we go off at 10 a.m. and the showers go away at 10 a.m. rain ends between 7 and 10 and end from boston and end eastward. the cape will be the last to dry out. clearing and schooling into the afternoon and still expecting some sunday sprinkles right now. not seeing indications that we will see any kind of a snow
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but current conditions, obviously extremely wet if you are traveling anywhere inside of 49. of 49 -- 495. outside of that worcester and keene and orange. last of the rain coming through nashua, new hampshire. it is ending through west to east here, and this a snap shop of 7:00 this morning. 7:00 with testify hovering across the coastline. take it forward through 10 a.m. it is turning off, the last of it over the outer cape. temperature-wise, 10 a.m., we are going with the middle 50s here. temperatures pretty warm this morning about where you are now. at noontime, this is where i am expecting highs in the mid- to upper 50s. we have clearing skies. and we have sunshine that just takes over through the afternoon. here it is going to be dark already at 5 p.m. the sun has gone down. temperatures are dropping back to the 40s to send you home from work and if you have any friday night plans at 8 p.m., i have temperatures that will be in the lower 40s which means you need to grab extra layers if you will be outside.
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highs today peaking close to lunchtime 52 in worcester. 57 in bedford. 56 in boston. hay we have a 60-degree reading in norwood. but remember, as we clear on out, we are also going to cool down. snapshot of tomorrow afternoon. this is my favorite day of the weekend because we have got this partly sunny skies, and then as we head into your sunday forecast, things get a little bit tricky. notice southeastern massachusetts where we have the best chance for some morning showers. a lot of cloud cover. i wouldn't be surprised a little patchy drizzle outside of the cape and massachusetts and southern new hampshire. the afternoon where we still have a risk of a couple of here or there showers. not a total washout of the day but wet enough to plan around. a couple of spotty sprinkles that's about it. the seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. today 57 degrees and we will
6:20 am
wind but as we head into the in full force. we will wake up to 28 degrees. high 49, and we also have fall at fenway, we have notre dame versus boston college and a few clouds out there about 42 degrees. no wind. no rain issues with that one. on 53 degrees. we have a chance of a couple of those sprinkles. monday you will come along and wake up to 30 degrees. 43 your highs. partly cloudy. and how about sunshine for the middle of next week including thanksgiving. a couple of chilly mornings in the 20 the 30s and 40s but highs close to 50 by the middle of the week to 50 by the middle of the week. back to you. 6:20, a crane crash through the roof of a local home. the work going on outside that led to this costly accident. protests across the country have been demanding an increase not minimum wage. now a local restaurant is
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former subway spokesman jr. red foing jared fogle will spend the next 15 years in prison. a defense argued that his extreme diet caused him to develop a sexual disorder.
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fogle lost 300 pound on a diet of subway sandwiches. police found extensive evidence of child porn on fogle's computer and they say he has been paying thousands of dollars a year on prostitutes. he was fired by the chain once the charges against him surfaced earlier this year. cambridge leaders are studying the proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour the minimum wage to $15 an hour. fox25 has learned that some businesses already pay more than that. the owner of clover food lab recently raised menu prices so employees could get a $.25 raise on their hourly wage, but the restaurant owner said it is still not enough. >> for us to do a great job delivering beautiful food. we need to pay people so they are not in a poverty level. clover employees in cambridge make 10 to 16 dollars an hour. 500,000 people around the country may need to look for different insurance providers under obama care. in two years, the united health
6:25 am
group is threatening to pull the plug on its affordable care act services after take act services after taking a big hit to the bottom line. the company says they will make a decision about 2017 coverage in the coming year. insurance companies are not required to participate in federal and state exchanges. dale lie fantasy sports games remain legal in massachusetts, but will soon be regulated. attorney general maura healy says sites like boston-based draft kings and rival fan duel must follow consumer protection laws. in addition, new rules will him ban anyone under 21 from playing and anyone associated with professional sports will not be allowed to play. the rules will take place in january with the formal regulations announced a short time later. and every town in massachusetts could raise the smoking age. lawmakers are considering a statewide ban on selling tobacco products to people under 21. more than 80 cities and towns across massachusetts have
6:26 am
raise the legal smoking age by three years. in 2012, needham was the first town in the country to raise the smoking age to 21. the only other state to do this is hawaii. coming up at 6:26 this morning, she can't dance without it. coming up the plea for help from a marathon bombing survivor who lost her $250,000 prosthetic leg. and i have got the worst of the morning you commute happening right now. traffic conditions will be clear by 10 a.m. because we have the rain really starting to wind down. wait until you see the afternoon and evening improvements next. that man was escorted out of the trump rally in worcester for being disruptive. new this morning, why this isn't his first run-in with the law and we continue to follow breaking news west africa where gunmen have stormed a luxury hotel in the country of mali, at least three people are dead, dozens more are being held
6:27 am
hostage. this is . this is the hotel that is popular with foreign tourists. the three things the president
6:28 am
presiden now at 6:30, soaking showers moving through worcester or heading to the coast right now. expecting rain if you are headed out the door and heading to work soon. >> sara: thank you so much for
6:29 am
joining us, everybody, i am sara underwood. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. friday november 20. remnants for heavy rain making for a wet commute. a lot of big puddles and slick spots. you have to take it slow. julie grauert monitoring those drive times for us. but first fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear as the timeline when these showers will move on out. >> the showers will move on out in the next couple of hours. good news. bad news is, if you have to go out now, you will be driving through the thick of it. we still have steady rain throughout eastern massachusetts. eastern new hampshire now, so let's zoom into some of the trouble spots for you on the roadways because of the rain. drive times from julie. dedham to sharon, steady stuff popping in yellow. boston, moderate rain now that is goes all the way to the north shore a little heavy swath. and near dover, new hampshire. and southeastern massachusetts,
6:30 am
we have temps in the upper a 50s to about 60 degrees and really the south shore where you will find the steadiest rain and what do you know, central mass, southern new hampshire, southwestern new hampshire, drying out right now and clouds in worcester. and showers again coming to answered there. but as we travel throughout next couple of hours. we have got that clearing line that is going to move into boston. likely around 8 a.m. based on some of the latest information i have gone looking at. 55 degrees with rain. breezy but brightening up at noontime, showers long since gone and 3 p.m., gone and 3 p.m..falling temperatures with that sunshine temperatures with that sunshine. i will show you what to plan on over the weekend coming up, with rain in place, a check on those roads. julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, where is this latest accident >> the latest accident 128 northbound in waltham. good morning, everyone. look canning at that rain in place and it is overwhelming over those traffic flow maps because it is everywhere.
6:31 am
closer look at some of the trouble spots. 128 northbound. one lane still blocked at winter street in waltham as you are making your way northbound. expressway slow from furnace parkway to columbia road. here is that volume that is increasing on those very wet roadways. over to the live drive times. 37 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 32 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 43 minutes from 495 south to the leverett connector. back to you. there is breaking news overseas this morning. a hostage situation unfolding inside a luxury hotel in west africa. >> this hotel is popular with foreign tourists and so far we know at least three people have been killed. daniel miller is following the late-breaking details and gunmen stormed this hotel around 4 a.m. our time. >> that's right, sara. within the hour we have learned about 20 hostages have been freed. at least three people have been killed. let me show you where this is happening this morning in the
6:32 am
west african nation of mali. reports say gunmen arrived at the hotel in a diplomatic vehicle and stormed in firing shots shouting god is great in arabic. initially 170 hostages being held. most are hotel guests and a few dozen are hotel staff members. security officials say the hotel is home to many foreigners including some americans. the u.s. embassy is aware of the shooting and you are looking at new pictures we are actually getting into the newsroom. they are urging american citizens to stay indoors. this information coming from the u.s. embassy now. witness s in the area say police have the hotel surrounded and are blocking roads leading in and out of that area. now we have also learned that the national security advisor has briefed the president on the unfolding situation in mali mali. also the u.s. embassy in mali tweeted about three hours ago urging u.s. citizens to contact their families. no word right now on who is taking responsibility for the attack. of course, we will keep you updated on this breaking news africa.
6:33 am
daniel miller, fox25 news. happening today, the suspect arrested in connection with the weapons heist in worcester will be arraigned this morning in new york. >> sara: the former army reserve reservist was taken into custody on long island. the feds surrounding him at a busy shopping center parking lot. michael henrich is live outside the facility in worcester where those weapons were stolen over the weekend. michael? >> that's where the investigation began right behind me there here at the armory in worcester, and it led investigators from federal, state and local law enforcement all the way to long island, new york. they arrested that cambridge man and now he will appear in court later today. >>reporter: james walker morales, 37 years old and a former army reservist surrounded and arrested in this bj's parking lot in westbury new york. accused of breaking through a
6:34 am
ceiling of a weapons vault to steal military rifles and gun pipes cording to court records, 7:43 p.m. surveillance video see the man entering the building with the duffel bag. triggered. the following day november 18 just after midnight. surveillance shows the suspect vehicle departing. theft. >> it was pretty cool. a calm, collected person. >>reporter: neighbors of morales's last known address shocked when approached by fox25, but court records show a different picture of the man. morales was once convicted of assault and battery. the court records showed he needed to wear a gps monitoring bracelet awaiting child for a child rape charge. he cut off the bracelet the morning and was wearing if during the worcester armory break-in.
6:35 am
cambridge commissioner tell fox25 they were not notified morales violated his probation. >> i was not aware that he was on probation report. >> we did not know about the bracelet with the breach. we could have help if we knew about that. >>reporter: morales became a suspect after they got a hit in a dna database using blood used in the weapon vault at the armory. >>reporter: we have also learned that morales came from the armory a couple of days before the gun theft to see the discharge papers. for more information about his service, if not yet anyway. fox25's robert goulston is in new york, and he will be in that federal court room at the arraignment. we will bring you updates throughout the day. live in worcester, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. 6:36 this morning. we are following breaking news out of boston where a man was found lying in a large pool of blood right next to a bus stop. fox25's jessica reyes is live in the south end where police spent the morning -- the morning hours that is
6:36 am
investigating this crime scene. jess, good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you, gene. yeah, it happened. and right around that bus stop, you see right across the street from here. this bus stop is right on washington street. and this morning, we know police are still searching for a suspect. take a look. this is video that our crew on scene shot early this morning right around 1:00 this morning as the investigation unfolded here. officers on scene did tell an overnight photographer that this man was found lying in a pool of blood with pretty serious injuries to his head, but not clear how he got those injuries in the first place. we do have calls into boston police this morning. we are working to bring you more information including the victim's name and of the condition, and as soon as we learn more, we will pass that along. for now live in boston, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. new this morning, prosecutors in france say the body of a third person has been found at the scene of wednesday found at the scene of wednesday's police raid. terror cell organizers
6:37 am
abdelhamid abaaoud and a cousin were also killed. they believe the terrorists plan last friday's attack over the last 11 months. he is also responsible for at least four failed attacks including this summer's incident on a high-speed train that was stopped by three american tourists. the 28-year-old's terror cell was based in belgium and syria. and with isis threatening attacks on america, boston police are increasing patrols across the city. police commissioner bill evans tells the herald that officers are working closely with the fbi and other agencies. there are no immediate or credible threats against boston at this time. mayor walsh says he is comfortable with how the city is prepared for the threat of attacks. the trial continues today for a danvers teenager accused of killing his math teacher. witnesses talked to the events leading up to and following colleen ritzer's death. a student testified that phillip chism seemed angry and annoyed the day ritzer was killed and the school cleaning supervisor said the bathroom where it happened looked like a
6:38 am
where it happened looked like a, quote "slaughterhouse. " chris imis accused of -- chism is accused of rape chism is accused of raping and killing his teacher. more charges for a millis police officer already accused for making up a store be that shootout. now brian johnson is also accused of making a bomb threat at the high school. the 24-year-old was accused of shooting at his own cruiser and setting it on fire when he told officers that he had been attacked. johnson has pleaded not guilty. and this protester pulled from donald trump's campaign event this week in worcester has a record. the telegram reporting that peter rondon was charged ten years ago for leaving an unfinished bomb at a military recruiting center on park avenue. in court for charges stemming from the protest, rondon admitted to making mistakes previously in his life. he is being charged with trespassing and disorderly
6:39 am
despite suffering an unimaginable tragedy, doug flutie will be on hand. flutie lost both of his parents to heart attacks. he broke the news on facebook saying his mother died within an hour of his father. flutie said he believes his mother died of a broken heart. flutie will serve as the color commentator for tomorrow's game at fenway park. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes for you and you can expect longer than usual drive times because of the rain. 32 minutes right now on the expressway northbound. you are arrange speeds of 17 miles per hour as you head from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. shiri. we have winds gusing between 20 and 30 miles per hour from the seacoast of new hampshire down to the cape and islands this morning. this is really where we get some of those stronger gusts with the heavier rain. i will time out the improvements and believe me, there are improvements coming up next. a stolen school bus crashes right into a shopping plaza. the damage is extensive. why the person driving the bus
6:40 am
wasn't able to keep control of it. the father says the tsa went too far. the souvenir that was
6:41 am
their way home f . back at 6:44. you have dating breaking news overseas. gunman stormed the radisson hotel in mali early this morning. we now know at least three people have been killed. reports say gunmen arrived at the hotel in a diplomatic vehicle and stormed in firing shots shouting god is great in arabic. 170 hostages were taken. about 20 were freed. united nations say they will be sending in reinforcements. we are monitoring the situation and will update you as soon as new details come in. in this morning a marathon bombing survivor is in a battle with an airline that lost
6:42 am
luggage with her prosthetic leg inside. hay dry yen hazlet t tweeted you lost my leg with over $250,000 of leg and dance parts. i have an entire team on you. please respond. it has been days and i can't dance. hazlett-davis lost her leg in the 2013 bombing. she was travelling with a specialized dancing prosthetic made by mit. the dancer has performed several times since the bombings. around midnight, hazlett-davis she did not have an update yet. the airline tweeted that it is doing everything they can to reunite her with her luggage. we will keep you updated all morning. family vacation takes an unexpected turn when a child was not allowed to board a toy. the 5-year-old and family were returning them to pennsylvania from the first trip to disney world. trying to bring home a buzz lightyear toy like this one, but tsa agents stopped the family. they say the toy looked too
6:43 am
much like a gun. the boy's father said that his son was devastated. >> we understand that things are scary out there right now. but take but taking a toy from a national security. it was all i could do not to moment. >> the family did not check any luggage for the trip, so they had to leave the toy behind. tsa. a woman in new york goes above and beyond to give back. she was walking by a toy store when the sign that said for rent. so she went in and bought everything including toys, school supplies and stuffed animals. all of this was donated to homeless kids. it is 6:46. good thursday morning, everyone everyone. i want to start with these two accidents that we are waiting to have cleared. one is on route 28. it is right at 93. so that is causing some delays. this one has been a little pesky this morning. still haven't cleared 128 northbound right before winter street in waltham. shifting south of town, things
6:44 am
a little bit slow on 24 through randolph, and on route 3 as you approach the braintree split. live look at the expressway. roads are soaked right now so plan to leave 15, maybe 20 minutes early for that morning commute. your live drive times. 22 minutes on route 3 from 228. 19 minutes on 24 from 123 to 128. 17 minutes on 95 as you approach 128. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. you make it throughout rain, you can look forward to some afternoon sun. and i think we are going to make it. this isn't armageddon but something we are watching for you. >> i am not expecting any severe weather julie. i don't have any reports of flooding or wind damage reports flooding or wind damage reports. this is headache weather. heavy rain coming through during the morning commute. wet roadways and visibility issues. right now kind of in the thick of it up across northeastern massachusetts. up to the seacoast of new hampshire. even up into boston still dealing with healthy rainfall totals in a healthy rainfall rate that goes all the way down
6:45 am
to the south shore. scituate, pen broke, down to plymouth and you will pick up a lot of rainfall in those locations. cold front coming through. breezy, mild. the fact behind it this cool air coming into play. clearing conditions. we tap into sunshine this afternoon but also tap into dropping temperatures. about -- you know, 69 inches of rain. .8 in bedford. an inch of rain in portsmouth, new hampshire. and far less for the cape and islands, but because the rain is coming through right now for you folks. you folks. so you are going to play catch so you are going to play catch-up and rain totals of three quarters of an inch to an inch of rain when all is said and done. 57 degrees. your mild start to the day. all-day 50s. stoplight chance stoplight chance of 8 a.m. rain based on the latest information based on the latest information. the rain for boston. 10 a.m., clouds beginning to clear out. we will see increasing sunshine into the afternoon and temperatures hold steady if not
6:46 am
drop after noontime today. 8 a.m. like i said last of the rain pulling away from boston. still pretty wet in southeastern massachusetts until 10:00 this morning when the last of the rain will pull away from the outer cape, and there you can see the clearing skies. loving this at noontime. bright. still a little bit breezy and gusts at 20 miles per hour which will catch your attention land not do any kind of damage. high temperatures will hit these around noontime today and then start our descent. around 60 in norwood. 61 in new bedford. and 56 up to manchester, new hampshire. upper 50s for the cape and island. for the weekend, big-time cool down. tomorrow you will wake up in the 20s and 30s and highs only in the 50s. excuse me 40s. 48 in boston. 47 in beverly and in preliminary preliminary mouth tomorrow. worcester at 45 degrees. nashua, lucky you, up to 50. that will be the brighter day of the weekend because sunday, even though we are going up by a couple of degrees, we have also got some wet weather that we are going to pull into that
6:47 am
sunday forecast. the sunday you actually wake up to the lower 30s. we have got that rain moving in. massachusetts during the morning hours, but lots of on and off clouds that could boil down to a couple of patchy sprinkles in the afternoon. i don't want a washout, but i do want to you plan around the potential of some wet sunday weather. monday, 43 degrees. partly sunny. tuesday looking pretty bright, but tuesday, wednesday wake up to the 20s. a pretty cool start to the day. a little warming trend here by wednesday. we are back to 50. 54 on thursday with a couple of scattered clouds around for thanksgiving, but keeping it nice and dry. back to you. all right, shiri. it was a landmark decision. two decades in the making. for the first time ever, people can buy frankenfish. why the fda is convinced that this altered salmon is safe, and the local company that led the crusade to get it on store shelves. new at 7:00, a notorious rhode island politician
6:48 am
unveiling his portrait. jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be who's going to that are being eliminated in who's going to take care of israel and support them - middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest
6:49 am
i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. back at 6:53. a new hampshire family thankful they are okay after a crane crashes right into their home. the merrimack family hired
6:50 am
contractors to cut down trees in their back yard. they were home when the crane came crashing down into their house. the homeowner said workers were cutting down the last tree when it happened. >> just a bang. the back side of the house, and -- and that's where the boom ended up, and i was right there looking out the window and the thing went over. >> a worker was hurt but is going to be okay. the family was cutting down trees to put an addition on the house. the project is now delayed. a salmonella outbreak link a salmonella outbreak linked to cucumbers is popping up in new england, new hampshire and connecticut. now reporting that people are coming down with this illness. take a look at the totals number, 38 states have reported this outbreak. the total number of patients in the past month is now up to 71. the cdc is still investigating where the tainted cucumbers are coming from. and for the first time ever, federal officials have approved a genetically modified animal
6:51 am
put forward by a biotech company in massachusetts the gene altering procedure makes salmon grow twice as fast. it was developed by aqua technologies out of maynard. but they said the salmon cannot be grown to the u.s. and the fish have to be raised in specially designed tanks in canada and panama. they will not require companies food. irs harks new weapons to protect identities. irs is working with state and tax preparers to add safeguard from claiming tax returns that don't belong to them. for people to file online, more security questions and prompts to verify their identity by e-mail. irs launching an education campaign too. >> everyone needs to be actively safeguarding their personal data whether on their personal devices or in their personal interactions. >> gene: last year the irs flagged three million fraudulent.
6:52 am
with federal regulator. the consumer product safety commission says the store continued to sell 28 recalled products for years. some of the item include genie garage door openers. gorilla stepladders and fire extinguishers. some of them could cause fires, burns and other injuries. customers that find out they have one of the recalled products are asked to stop using them immediately and return them to home depot. and facelook is helping to heal heartaches. the social media site is making it easier to erase posts from exes 37 exes exes. if you want to hide someone from your facebook you have to block or unfriend them but new tools will have you hide people from your facebook without them finding out. the the tool will limit what people see on each other pages. the new feature will be rolled out to everyone toon out to everyone soon. a new hampshire man owns four water slides and he is not
6:53 am
he spent ten cold night in chains and what it will take to set him free. and the travel conditions because we have the rain and fog and breezy conditions by noon, we will lose the rain and fog. still kind of gusty out there. by the afternoon we have all sunshine, folks. i will time out those improvements and show you when coming up next. plus, finding love when he needs it most. how the story of an 8-year-old boy is melting h imagine a world where the holidays were about people again. referred to loved ones pouring through the front door. and the four-letter word that defined the season was l-o-v-e and not s-a-l-e.
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